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Storm Ciara and thatched cottage, Malin Head, Donegal, Ireland
Lake Sørvágsvatn, Faroes
Faroe Islands
Klosterdalen, Greenland
Photos of England
Big waves batter the Monkey House, Portreath, Cornwall
Reynisdrangar sea stacks, Iceland
Canary Islands


Our shared interest in landscape photography grew out of our mutual love of adventure travel and trekking. But over time, we have developed different approaches to our photography.


For years I have worked with satellite imagery and from childhood, I have been a keen amateur astronomer. Over the years I have developed a passion for astrophotography, and enjoy capturing the night sky, including the Milky Way and deep space objects. More recently I have specialised in timelapse photography which imparts a dramatic dynamism to landscapes which is lacking in still photography or videography.


I enjoy capturing long exposure images, as this encourages me to strip out the extraneous elements in a scene and to distil it down to its essential features which conveys the mood I wish to create. Having been brought up by the Cornish coast, I also have a fascination for the ever-changing and dynamic ocean, hence my love of seascape photography. The Great Piece of Turf (Das große Rasenstück) painted by Albrecht Dürer in 1503, with its chaotic mass of flowering plants and roots, inspired me to look at the minutiae of detail and the beauty contained in the seemingly mundane and prosaic. This has led to an interest in abstract nature images, something I am keen to explore and develop further.

We use Pentax K1 full frame cameras for most of our photography, coupled with an Infra Red modified Sony A7s for astrophotography, and a Panasonic GH4 for video. For timelapse photography we use Syrp Genie slider and mini genie rotating heads, breakthroughphotography filters, and Lrtimelapse software for processing.